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Collaborating In Play and In Writing...

My friend, the brilliant natural dyer and quilter and artist, Erica Molnar, thought she might like a piece of Dym cloth. So she got in touch and the conversation, by Instagram DM of all things, went like this. (She gave me permission to use it, of course!).

Erica: M - how do I get me some of this? Even the one sided kind. [This was a comment on an Instagram post about double sided In Writing cloth with words: STAND / WITH / STAND

Miriam [switching to DM]: Thank you for the fabric love. How much do you want? Of course I will sell you some! I can give you the designer discount, and there’s no minimum. I know, though, it’s still expensive, per yard 115 on sided and 148 double sided. Let me know, and come visit Cali again, please. xo

E: Let me think on whether I want to make it a wall piece or a worn piece or a bed piece!! I’ll be in touch. Can I specify base as well or have you printed this on a specific fiber? <3 and I really hope to come visit soon. I hate February and Yosha has been traveling a TON so it’s been relentless…

M: You can totally specify fabric. The double sided thing will work differently on lighter fabric (way more bleed though). Think Away!

E: I’m awake in a weird torrential downpour imagining

hold / on / hold

interspersed with

stand / with / stand

and some with / hold or on / stand 

in flames.

E: Or falling or somehow juxtaposed.

E: Or with/hold stand/on sorting

and freeing up into hold/on/hold

and stand/with/stand

M: How much do I love your iterating!!! Except for the flames part, we can do any of that. Actually, come to think of it, I have some flame blocks too though they’re not well tested.


M: Though in truth your descriptions are plenty clear.

M: The question is can mind’s eye fully resolve design/layout questions.

M: I also wish I could respond to your request by making animation cloth.

E: I even had a title for it in the middle of the night.

E: I’m making art out of your art.

M: You are indeed. Because you are one of very few who recognize it’s just a system to play with.

E: Fuck. I should have written it down. Figures of speech?

E: There was something renegade.

E: Of course, now I am waiting for other word pairs to emerge from my mind murk too.

M: Fugue state. That late night musing.

E: Collab?

M: I am plotting to have blocks cut for COME IN : IN COME

E: Quilt art word art.

M: OUT too,

M: I did a reverse appliqué blanket, crudely on shitty military blanket, says: TRY / THIS / PLS.

E: In/come/in/come/out/come really really good.

E: Take?

M: Thank you. I can’t remember where I wrote the list of possibles. Buried in a notebook. The structure almost demands a verb and preposition.

E: out / take / out

M: Yes, take.

M: in take

E: In and out have many possibulities.

E: Yay spelling!

M: Just by themselves, too. Breath.

E: In and breath.

M: poss-U-bility

E: You could make a really beautiful rhythm with breath.

E: Visual rhythm.

M: Yes. Still, I wonder. Concrete and specific. Even though specificity usually desired.

M: There’s a lot of stuff out there telling us to breathe.

M: Still, we forget to notice.

M: Well, I do, I mean.

E: Color X spacing.

M: Yes. Faint color.

M: Quilt?

E: My friend Naomi and her inhale pink exhale blur.

E: Blue.

M: Blur is nice though.

E: You could print blur.

M: Is there a pic of Naomi’s thing?

E: No. She always used to say it.

M: Blur, but sharp.

E: Or sharp, but blurred.

M: Again and again.

M: Over is another good word.

E: overlapping?

E: over/come

M: over lap / lap over

E: over/see

E: over/think

M: under stand / stand over

E: I need an over/think/over

E: That’s my pattern.

M: Yes. Ok. Over is on the list.

E: Over whelm but it does not work the other way.

E: But over and under.

M: Over under is good because weaving.

E: Oh you could interweave those with your infinite stripes. That would make some great wordplay.

M: Weaving. I was writing that before I saw your over under.

M: omfg

E: I think you could put together a gallery show called wordplay.

E: It would blow people’s minds.

M: You could come here and print your own panels. You already have the manual skills.

M: Which words are cursive, which all cap? That’s half a rhetorical question. Have to figure it out with hands and eye.

E: I’m having a parking lot moment with this conversation but I really need to pee. Vivian got braces this morning and I was parent on duty. So I’m gonna go in the coop and wander gladly while I think about this. I love the idea of coming and playing. Will get out sketchbook later. Xoxo xoxo

E: More as it emerges.

M: Love that! Go forth and pee! xoxox

E: Go/for/go

E: Except it’s forego.

M: Uh huh.

M: let out / out let

lay out / out lay

M: on going / going on

M: for going / going for

M: I’m putting away my phone for an hour. Would you consider letting me share this as a blog post in dialog form?

E: out / take / out   take / up / take

E: Yes, go for it. Wheels are turning!

E: in / take / in

E: Give with the same

E: Or maybe not…

M: Funny that take works but not give. Language! English!

M: Hard to put phone away when this is happening.

E: over / pass

E: That one in an urban context, too.

E: in / sist / de / sist / re / sist

E: in / volve / de / volve / re / volve

E: Yes, I am in the grocery store, getting glares.

E: Also, per / list

E: in / put / out / put

M: sist / cyst

M: Wait, what?

M: Wait, what? is the show title.

M: output is funny because about production.

E: And put out is always a moment in process.

M: Or sulking.

M: Or is that what you meant?

E: Do you have a moment of unsettled / storm / temper tantrum at some point? I always do. It’s when I have to compromise my vision to reality, I think.

E: I want to cut some stencils and do some rice past resist & indigo for sections of some these thoughts…

E: in / bound

E: in/ch ch/in

M: Was thinking maybe rubber stamps? For small “quick” iterations.

E: That would be speedy.

E: up / set / up

M: Oooh. Really good.

M: Upset / set up is amazing because almost opposite in meaning while being same forms of noun and verb simultaneously. So good. Winner!!

E: Being set up could also be the cause of an upset.

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