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Collections and Endless Design

Asked about our collections, or new product launches, I usually find myself without words. Because our process is so thoroughly exploratory, we constantly invent new patterns, new arrangements, new pieces. We do this even when we're trying to print up something specific for a client or showroom!

Some of our most intriguing prints have come from printing variations on pattern and color adjacent to one another, thereby making a new composition. Miriam sometimes says, Don't cut that fabric, it's too perfect! Which means that Hannah or River has to re-print those swatches.

The seasonal collection formula asks that we stop what we're doing right in the middle. And we are always right in the middle. That's living. Of course, it's possible, after the fact (sometimes months or even years after the fact) to organize what we do into collections. This means that it may take us a long time to add new collections to the website.

Someday, perhaps, we'll hire an organizational genius, who finds and names the collections faster. Or, maybe, you'll join us for the certainty of not-knowing.

miriam dym