Dym  |  california textiles

Our Values




From our choice of fabrics (100% natural fibers), to our water use (it’s recycled!), to the (very minimal) waste produced, we care deeply about our environmental impact on the planet. 

Local workers

We employ a network of local artists in the the Bay Area to make our blocks, to print our fabric, and to sew custom creations for you. Working with our community enables us to truly be a part of the overall process, to create with intention and complexity—the opposite of high-output manufacturing.

Made by hand, for real

Everything is made by people, not computers or machines and never digitally printed! We hand print for a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Each piece should have richness and depth, so that when you touch, hold and see our fabric, you actually have a sumptuous experience.

Endless variation, including radical imperfection

We embrace the beauty of irregularity comparable to the Japanese concept of Wabi-sabi. As we continue improving our craft, we relish delightful variations yielded by the block printing process. “Errors” such as drops of ink or untoward color variation genuinely add charm and visual interest. 

Small production. Slow textiles

We don’t take shortcuts. We keep the process special. Acutely aware that the world has plenty of manufactured things and less wild space, we take time to be deliberate. Our process is slow and careful so that we can create beautiful heirlooms that will last into the future. We really lucked out with this craft. Block printing, as with almost no other technique, allows us to reprint old pieces in order to give it new life!