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Who We Are


Hundreds of decisions go into the way we create our patterns. Our process rewards us with endlessly stunning patterns.  – MIRIAM DYM, Founder

Who we are

Dym California Textiles create dynamic block-printed fabrics, custom printed for whatever you can dream. We craft our fabric in-house into micro collections of home goods and limited-edition clothing. We hand print with dyes on sumptuous natural fiber cloth to produce the richest color and the softest hand. All of our products are designed and printed in our Northern California workshop.

Miriam Dym, Founder Photo: Karoline Robbins

Miriam Dym, Founder
Photo: Karoline Robbins

About Miriam Dym, founder:

Miriam is an artist, designer, dreamer, and self-taught systems thinker. In creating textiles, she focuses on how patterns can evolve across a length of cloth, especially through use of rules and decision making. All the more interesting when working with hand printed fabric, Miriam likes to see the printers develop as much as the patterns as they take on patterns of increased complexity. 

With a background as a painter, with an on-going practice in art, Miriam appreciates the experimentation made possible—amplified—with block printing.


About our printer

Hannah is a musician, currently studying at a conservatory in Berkeley and has worked at Dym for 3 years. In that period, she surpassed her intern duties and has become the genius that manifests the awesome patterns available at Dym. Hannah’s knowledge and management of all things in our workshop has helped standardize our process, which enables the studio’s capacity to experiment. She loves working with creative and smart women and hanging with our studio dog Louie. Outside of printing and studying, Hannah sings in two bands, Little Arcs and Saraband.